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ARLIS/Southern California Chapter Judith A. Hoffberg Travel Award

This award honors the Chapter’s founder Judith A. Hoffberg (1934-2009). $700 will be granted to the award recipient.


Membership: Applicants must be members in good standing of both ARLIS/NA and the Southern California Chapter.

Financial need: Only applicants who receive partial or no institutional funds towards conference attendance will be considered. Eligible applicants can include current board members.

Selection will be weighted toward those applicants who best fulfill the following guidelines:

Are attending the ARLIS/NA annual conference for the first time, and/or;

Are actively participating in the conference in such roles as speaker, moderator, recorder, workshop attendee, etc.

Conditions of the award: Award winner must commit to some level of conference participation such as workshop attendee, speaker, recorder, hospitality desk volunteer, etc.

Award winner must submit a written conference report for publication in Canvas, the Chapter newsletter.

This report will include an account of the recipient’s personal conference experiences and how the award contributed to their professional development.

To apply for the award: Complete this form

Letters of application are due by Monday, February 27, 2023.

Recipient will be notified by Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Winner must confirm in writing that they are able to meet the requirements of conference attendance.

Please reach out to the ARLIS/NA SoCal Travel Committee members with any questions: Amy Ciccone ( and Laura Darlington (

ARLIS/NA SoCal Travel Awards Committee Members

Amy Ciccone
Laura Darlington


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